Oct 04

New Property / Bungalow For Sale

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Hi! If you are looking for brand new bungalows for sale in Bukit Mertajam, we have good news here!

Have you ever dream of buying a piece of land at a well located and developed area, hire an architect and contractor to design and built your dream home? Many people would want to do that simply because they do not like the typical design from most of the developers. Why? Because it is the same design for the whole development scheme!

What if you can own a two storey bungalow that are different from your neighborhood but you pay only RM708,000? Or what about paying only RM788,000 for a 3 storey bungalow? Don’t you think these are good deals?

What make our bungalow units so different from what you normally see from typical Bukit Mertajam property projects? Well, read the below and you will understand!

Firstly, we only build 3 units of bungalow inside a well planned and established housing area. While your neighborhood are terrace/semi-d with the same design, your new property will definitely be different, unique & stand out! Not only that, all our 3 units of bungalow are with different design & layout from one another!

Secondly, unlike most of the developer where you can only see their brochure when you put down your 10% down payment, two of our units are almost 90% completed in construction and O.C. will be obtained soon by next year! It is definitely much safer for you to put down your 10% down payment for a new property  that you can see it physically by yourself! Have you ever come across the new property development project where the completed units are so disappointing simply because the workmanship are unexpectedly poor or even different from what have promised by the developer before?  Since our project is almost 90% completed, you can save yourselves from this kind of worries.

Thirdly, the developer is specialize in building bungalow. Their workers are 100% Chinese worker with many years of experience and skills. If you notice carefully, you will find out that almost all the developers are hiring non-Chinese foreign workers for the construction works. You may not realized this but the truth is during construction tendering process, the labor cost for Chinese workers are usually higher than non-Chinese foreign workers due to their high quality of works.

Click the images below for more reasons of why you should buy any of these bungalows.

Bukit Mertajam Property - lot3129

Bukit Mertajam Property - Lot4200

Bukit Mertajam Property - Lot 4201 Bungalow

We only have 3 available units of brand new bungalow for sale. Contact us now to grab your dream home!




Please share this good deals to your friends!